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February 2016
Manuella Antinossi Frazzini

Manuella was born in 1907 in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Her parents were both Italian immigrants: Liberato Antinossi and Emilia D’Amico. Separately immigrating first to Grafton, WV, then on to Ellwood City in 1904, where they married in Hoytdale, Pennsylvania (Koppel area).

In addition to Manuella, Liberato and Emilia had three more children: Achillo (Archie) born 1905, Attilio (Tillie) born 1908, and William 1910-1911. After the death of Liberato in 1911, Emilia remarried to Leonardo Buzzelli in 1915 and had four more children: Gaetano (Guy) born 1917, Lydia born 1919, Inessa born 1920, and Armando 1922-1927.
Manuella married Sam Frazzini in 1932, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Together they raised two sons, Leonard and Ollie, and enjoyed four grandchildren.

She catered at the Sons of Italy from 1961 to 1989. Between Friday pizza, Sunday homemade Italian dinners, weddings and banquets on Saturdays, almost everyone in Ellwood City has enjoyed her food! Before the days of mass production and food ordering, every roll, meatball, gnocchi, pizza, was prepared by hand. A true labor of love from her and all her faithful kitchen help.

I remember asking her “Grandma, why does your food taste so good?!” She replied “I always add a little bit of love. You got to add love!”

kitchenstaffManuella died in 1995, but not before the SOI honored her at a testimonial dinner in 1993. (an evening she enjoyed seeing family and friends).

~Wendy Frazzini McFarland (granddaughter)



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