Mission Statement:       "To obtain, store and make available Ellwood City Italian families "heritage information".

Purpose:                            "Create a repository for Italian immigration history, culture and understanding of how Italian immigrants contributed to the growth of Ellwood City, PA".

Ellwood City Italian-American Heritage Foundation
Welcome to the Ellwood City Italian-American Heritage Foundation website. The goal of the website is to celebrate Italian-Americans and the impact they have had on the Ellwood City Area and surrounding regions. It is with great pride that this website is being brought to you, and we hope it can provide a venue to learn and discuss all things Italian as they relate to Ellwood City.
What We Are All About
Immigrants came to America throughout the 20th century for industry jobs seeking a better life. Today in the Southwest Pennsylvania region, the Italian-American community is as diverse as it is large.
Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, has one of the highest concentrations of people who claim Italian ancestry. According to the 2010 US Census, 25% of Lawrence County residents are Italian-American. That 25% Italian heritage to total population is higher than any other Pennsylvania County.
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, located primarily in Lawrence County, with its rich Italian-American immigation history is a mirror reflection of the Southwestern Pennsylvania immigration. The Ellwood City Italian American population is also large, diverse, and far more visible in the community.
The pictures and stories in the website reflect the enormous contribution and dynamic impact the first and second generation Italian-American families had and still have in our businesses, churches, schools and organizations within the Ellwood City area. Please enjoy and view some of the Italian-American owned family businesses and gathering places proudly located in Ellwood City!